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ATS Architectural Tiles Solutions - Since 1989

We are a dynamic team with many years of experience in the international trade of products and systems for the building sector. We are specialists in floor and wall tiles made of ceramic, porcelain & natural stone for outdoor & indoor, including façades and their installation systems. We also have extensive experience attending to customers from the construction industry in southern Europe, sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, Asia and Australia.
We specialize in the Nigerian and South African markets.




ATS Architectural Tiles Solutions

Using modern technologies we keep in touch with our customers 24/7 thereby offering a highly personalized service.

The portfolio of companies and professionals who use our services consist of companies based in architecture, interior designers, developers and distributors of building materials.

We are committed to environmental protection and the hottest trends, when it comes to research, innovation and design.

Our manufacturing partners are leaders in the production and design of products and systems that provide a wide range of solutions to professionals in the field of architecture and interior design.

We are constantly searching for new approaches that will bring us closer and closer to a habitat that should be increasingly in harmony with the natural environment in which we live.


We have access to a very extensive range of European and Asian origin, consult us in order to find the perfect solution for your project, design or market of distribution.


Social Commitment

Since 1989 we have been committed to social progress, with the vision of creating fairer and better ecological principles necessary for the sustainable development of human societies.

We share our experience in the use of ceramics in modern architecture and urban design, including the use of porcelain ceramic ventilated façades to bring more cities in harmony with the environment.

We participate in open forums and conferences for young architects, designers and young entrepreneurs in the construction arena, in countries as Nigeria, South Africa and through various organizations such as:

- Awesome Treasures Foundation | Nigeria
- South African Women in Construction | South Africa
- Substainability Institute | South Africa
- Open Design Cape Town | South Africa
- Colegio de Arquitectos | Venezuela


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Architectural Tiles Solutions S.L.

Calle Río Támesis 10, Bl 1, Esc 1, 2ºA
12005 Castellón de la Plana, Spain.

Cell Phone: +34 629 603 546


Contact Person:
Mr. Ruiz Chocano

China Office Representative

Rm 310, Block 7. Kingbay Garden. Lingnan Avenue,
Foshan City. 528000, PR China

Phone: +86 757 83319980
Cell Phone: +86 13542548464
Fax: +86 757 82731595


Contact Person:
Mrs. Schuman Tang